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Mulch Ado About Nothing

We make some pretty freaking beautiful mulch beds. They look fantastic, they last a long time, and the plants are healthier in them.

Imma let you in on our secret... It's the mulch.

Most mulch that you buy, especially the stuff you get in bags, is single shred. It's typically dyed (usually black or red) and is treated with herbicides or insecticides. On top of that, it's made from really cheap wood. The bright side is, it's cheap. Well, if you buy it by the bag it's not that cheap.

So what do we use? Almost exclusively we use a premium triple shred ceder mulch. We cannot stop raving about this stuff, it is so freaking good.

First of all, it's super finely shredded. It looks really really good. The small fibers interlock to create a natural weed barrier that is more effective at preventing weeds than that godawful landscaping fabric or plastic. It also helps with water retention, and the ceder is a natural pest repellant. That's why some people store clothes in ceder chests or wardrobes. Plus it smells amazing.

Best of all though is that this stuff will naturally break down over time into compost. So your bottom layer of mulch will be this amazing nutrient rich fertilizer for your plants. We're serious about this stuff!!

So if your beds need a little refresh, consider upgrading your mulch. Want more mulch bed tips?? Check out our super simple guide to creating your best ever mulch beds!

Mulch love,



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