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We love taking care of grass so much it's a little awkward. Let us love your lawn!

Lawn Mowing

Great lawns start with great mowing practices. Your lawn will be meticulously maintained by our awesome (and totally good-lookin') crew. Your lawn will be striped, trimmed, edged, and the grass clippings blown off. It's like a really good trip to the salon. 

We are fanatics about mowing habits that encourage a healthy lawn, including mowing high, mulching the grass clippings, and using clean & sharp blades. Read more


Spring & Fall Cleanups

Yard cleanups can include:

  • Leaf blowing

  • Pick up sticks & small branches

  • Perennial, shrub, & small tree pruning

  • Clean out garden beds

  • Remove dead foliage

Don't see what you're looking for? Just ask!

Landscape Maintenance

Your garden can be a lot of work. We offer occasional or recurring landscape maintenance to help take some of the workload off.


This can include trimming, pruning, deadheading, weeding, and pest control. Basically we'll the not-fun stuff, so you can do the fun stuff. 

Lawn Mowing
Spring Fall Cleanups
Landscape Maintenance
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