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We do a lot of things, but these are the things that we're like, really really good at. 

Lawn Treatment Programs

If you live in the Southern Adirondacks and have struggled to grow grass in your lawn, we have some good news:

  1. You're not alone

  2. It's probably not your fault (unless you're feeding your lawn with toothpaste and banana peels or something weird like that)

  3. There is help

Our lawn treatment programs are designed for growing grass in our unique Adirondack soil. You'll get a free consultation and customized treatment plan to get your lawn back on track. 

NYSDEC Business Registration #17956

Certified Applicator #T5900607

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New Lawn Installation

If your lawn needs something a little stronger, start from scratch with new topsoil, compost, quality seed, nutrients, and plenty of irrigation. 

We'll handhold the project for the first two years of your lawn's new life to ensure that it's stable and sticking around for a lifetime (unlike my ex).


Lawn Rehabilitation

Pull an unhealthy lawn back from the brink using a multitude of proven techniques, like aerating, overseeding, winter seeding, top-dressing, dethatching, and more. 

Got a nasty infestation of moles, grubs, chinch bugs, weeds, or teenagers? We have traditional, low impact, and aggressive treatments available for pest control. 

(Teenager repellent includes a lecture about 90's grunge bands and the importance of a 401k. Additional fees apply.)


Product Labels

Fiesta Turf Weed Killer

LESCO Stonewall 0.43% Plus Fertilizer

LESCO Three-Way Selective Spot Weeder

Mallet 0.5 Insecticide

Speedzone Broadleaf Herbicide for Turf

Turf Builder Starter Fertilizer

Lawn Treatment Programs
New Lawn Installation
Lawn Rehabilitation
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