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How to Get Your Dream Garden (without doing any of the work)

Spring is my absolute freaking FAVORITE time of year. There so many reasons for that, but one of the biggies is that it is landscape design & install season. If you couldn't tell, we're big ol' plant nerds over here at Grassroots. Just a bunch of green freaks who want to be around things that photosynthesize (and some non-photosynthesizing carnivorous things, like pitcher plants).

Creating new gardens and mulch beds is one of my happy places. But I can't physically add any more gardens to my yard without taking some serious trees down, or cutting into Kyle's lawn... I'm sure some of you can relate.

So instead we design and build gorgeous gardens in OTHER people's yards.

It all starts with a visit.

Our landscape design team will come by the property to take pictures, measurements, and get a feel for the space. We're looking for things like light, soil conditions, water availability, and existing landscape. We also will take the time to sit down with the homeowner to talk about what THEY want for their space. What is their style? Do they want something that blooms all year round? Pollinators & native plants (yes please!)? Polished or sprawling look? Low maintenance? It's all about creating a space that they love being in, and can enjoy for years.

Then we sketch it out.

We take photos of the actual property and the draw out different designs directly on top of it. So the customers will get a chance to see what their new landscape could look like. We work directly with the homeowner, making adjustments until it's absolutely perfect.

Next comes the hard (fun) part.

Once a design is settled on, we'll order the materials and schedule the big day! Most of our installs are done in one day. It's amazing how quickly this crew can move; it's actually pretty awesome to watch it come together. Everyone on our crew is trained in how to cut in beds, install mulch, and plant. Once everything has been planted, fed, & watered, we clean up our mess and go pass out (or move on to the next one).

The long goodbye.

During the process, we tend to get a little attached to our new landscaping installations. We'll stop by once a week or so for the next few weeks, to make sure everything is settling in nicely and all of the plants are happy in their new homes. And just to say hi. To the plants. It's not weird.

Looking for inspiration for your own space?? Check out some of our favorite low maintenance perennials (that aren't hosta). You can also steal some of our ideas by scrolling through our gallery of work. Plus we're always posting pictures on Instagram and Facebook.

Interested in scheduling your own consult? Give us a call! We would LOVE to create a gorgeous space for you. Because lord knows we've run out of space here.



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