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Holy Moley: It's Mole Season!

It's mole time!

Your lawn may have some tell-tale mole & vole tunnels right now. You know, the ones that are ugly and leave your lawn spotty and lumpy, but are also secretly kind of fun to step on and squish down?

If you have moles and voles (and don't want them tearing up your grass), fear not! There is hope.

Now we don't want to kill the critters outright. We like critters! We just don't want them hanging out in our lawn eating through the grass's root system. We have plenty of woods and wild spaces where moles and voles can go and live their best life. Over there.

The best way to get moles to move to a different neighborhood is to take away their food source. Moles love grubs, so if you have moles, you almost certainly have grubs. They like earthworms too, especially if they run out of grubs.

You can treat your lawn for grubs with an insecticide. Most of our lawn treatment plans include grub control, because grubs will eat your root system AND attract moles. Double whammy.

But not everyone wants to use an insecticide on their lawn, and sometimes just using the grub control isn't enough to motivate the moles to move, because their still munching on earthworms. And you definitely DON'T want to kill the worms, because they are such an important part of the soil's microbiology.

For those lawns we have a product that we use that is totally organic and all natural. And get this--it works BY FLAVORING THE GRUBS AND WORMS. This stuff is totally harmless to your creepy crawlies, but it makes them taste terrible to moles and voles! So they'll learn quickly that the food at your restaurant tastes terrible, and they'll Yelp their way over to a neighborhood with better tasting grubs and worms. Wild.

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