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Fall Cleanup. Be prepared for winter and get a head start next spring.

The days are becoming shorter, and the nights are becoming longer which means that you have less time to take care of your lawn care needs.

Get rid of the pesky falling foliage. It's time to blow those leaves off your lawn, hard surfaces and gutters. These three tasks are super important. Removing the leaves from the lawn keeps the grass alive and provides a jump start for a healthy lawn early next spring. Removing the leaves from hard surfaces will prevent the leaves from staining any driveways patios or decks. We all live in the north east so I don't need to explain the damage that poor drainage creates from leaf clogged gutters during the winter months.

While we're on the topic of freshly blown lawns, it is crucial to fertilize and aerate your lawn this time of year. Aerating and fertilizing simultaneously will promote healthy root growth, push your lawn through the winter months, and give your lawn an added jump start next spring.

Have questions or need help accomplishing your Fall tasks? Give GrassRoots Lawn Specialists a call.


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